If you think a gym isn’t for you …

There are lots of reasons why people think a gym or personal training is not for them. The most common ones I hear are “I’m not fit enough”, “I’m too old” or “It’s full of young, fit people taking selfies and I won’t fit in.”

I would simply say let’s think about the reasons training in a gym such as Fitness Space may be beneficial. Train to bullet proof your body for your future self.

  • Train for good posture.
  • Train to play with your children or grandchildren.
  • Train to walk up the stairs unaided.
  • Train to be able to carry your heavy groceries easily.
  • Train to be able to put things away on high shelves.
  • Train to be able to move from sitting to standing without help.
  • Train to manage your mental health.
  • Train to help prevent injuries.
  • Train to get stronger to help manage current conditions

In short, train to maintain your independence as you get older. Think of the bigger picture. We will all age and deal with set backs in life.

A gym such as FS Norwich with well qualified staff, a supportive and inclusive environment and classes which are fun and friendly may just help to do that.

When I first started to train my goal was not to lose 11 stones. It was to be able to live the next 30 years of my life independently and to be able to join in activities with family and friends rather than watch from the sidelines.

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